ATMOR Multipoint Instantaneous Water Heater designed to supply continuous hot water on demend. Ideal for open vented point-of-use applications such as showers and kitchen taps.


  • - Fully automatic operation
  • - Auto Shut-off (at 55°C)
  • - User friendly buttons and switches
  • - Heating Chamber made of High Grade Composite Materials
  • - Internationally approved aesthetic and engineering design

Type Electric Instantaneous (demand) Water Heater
Operation Fully Automatic
Activating Mechanism Diaphragm Type
Temperature Selection Three-way temperature selection
Safety Auto-thermal cut-off at 52°C to 55°C; final cut-off at 80°C ±10%
Application For open vented point-of-use application (e.g. shower)
Voltage 220-240 VAC
Power Rating 3.5 Kilowatts
Cycles 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz
Phase Single Phase
Power / Heat Setting Low: 1.5 KW | Med: 2.0 KW | High: 3.5 KW
Kilowatt Loading 220 VAC; 3.5 KW | 230 VAC; 3.5 KW | 240 VAC; 3.8 KW
Recommended Cable Size 2.5/4 sq. mm
Recommended Circuit Breaker Rating 30 Amperes
Cable Top right and Top left
Height 190 mm
Width 300 mm
Depth 110 mm
Inlet / Outlet Connection 15 mm (1/2 compression inlet connection)
Flow Rate 4 Liters/Minute (1.05 Gallons/Minute) @ 12°C Temp. Rise
Minimum Activating Pressure 2.5 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)
Operating Water Pressure 0.3 – 7 BAR (S-100 PSI)
Accessories Tele-shower Set with Riser Bar/Inlet Connection Fittings
Manufacturer ATMOR Industries
Standard /Certification ISO 9002, CE, BEAD, TUV, UL Listed

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